Many of the artists that print with us opt to be represented in our marketing initiatives to sell prints. Our marketing initiatives include:

Making your prints available for sale in our online gallery, artists set their own price, we print and ship the prints and charge printing costs, shipping costs and a 20% commission. There is no fee to be included in our online gallery. You can see the Gallery here –

We offer websites for artists and photographers who would like us to do their print fulfillment. Websites include hosting and a robust ecommerce solution that is tied to our print fulfillment and automatically loads pricing and sizing into your website making uploads of new images easy for you. You use your own custom url ensuring that any SEO you generate for your website is yours. Prices start at $199/year and we have found the $199/year website to be large enough for all the artists we print for but larger options are available and we are happy to go over those with you. For customers who place an initial all at once print order of $1200 with us we waive the $199 website fee and if the customer maintains at least $1900/year in print orders with us we continue to waive the fee.

Many artists and photographers have their own websites, they may, however, find it cumbersome to get an order from a customer, forward the order to us, pick the print up from us, and ship it out to the customer. We can show you how you can let your website do the work for you and have your website let us know when you get an order so that we can print it and ship it for you even if you are away on vacation, that way you will never have to worry about keeping your customers satisfied while you are away. We even include your marketing materials and use you business name as the return address so your customers don’t even know it’s coming from us.

Our studio space doubles as a gallery space and we gladly show the work of our clients in our gallery space, have a one man show or get together with other artists and do a group show, original works of art are welcome as long as you are willing to take giclee orders for your original art and any photo prints must be printed by us. Call us or stop by to talk about showing your work in our gallery.