Our Art Reproduction Pricing is as follows:

Step 1: Digital Capture

We shoot your un-framed art with a Sinar 4 x 5 camera with a digital back and controlled lighting, balanced for even intensity and color across the entire original. We are generating a 200 mega-pixel file that prints 300 dpi at final print size. All prices are contingent on a minimum initial order of 1 print at close to or equal to the size of the original (see our printing price sheet for print prices).


Original with a max measure on long side up to 24” – $75.00

Original with a max measure on long side from 24” to 30” – $100.00

Original with a max measure on long side from 30” to 36” – $125.00

Original with a max measure on long side from 36” to 42” – $150.00

Original with a max measure longer than 42” – Contact us for estimate


Digital Captures Only (with no print order) – $175.00
this does not include any color correcting of the raw file.


Step 2: Color Correction and Proofing

Once we have the digital capture, we color correct the file to match the original as close as we can.
We usually pull up to two proofs in this process. Then we call you, the artist, in for approval. Color is subjective so there are times when the artist wants to have us tweak the color. We do charge for up to two additional proofs. We don’t charge for more than that, although we rarely have to do more than two additional proofs for
an artist. Our proofs are printed on the same material as the final print and measure around 8”x10”.


First Proof.. included in the digital captures cost.

Additional Proof on Canvas – $20.00

Additional Proof on Fine Art Paper – $15.00

If any restoration or changes to the image are requested that is billed at $90/hour.


For artists who already have digital files of adequate resolution

Color Correction – $25.00

Proof on Canvas – $20.00

Proof on Fine Art Paper – $15.00

We recommend a “native” resolution of 150ppi to 300ppi on files supplied for art reproduction.
We recommend files be submitted as

  • Camera RAW files – This allows for optimum editing flexibility
  • TIFFs – 16bit RGB (with AdobeRGB (1998) or the new ProRGB profiles embedded)


Step 3: Printing and Finishing

Cape Ann Giclée offers a complete array of fine art printing and finishing solutions. Please refer to our printing and finishing price sheets for costs.

Important Copyright disclaimerWe cannot reproduce any image that is copyright protected. By submitting a photo, digital image or original piece of artwork to us for printing or image capture you attest that you own exclusive rights to the artwork and/or have obtained a release from the artist, photographer or studio.


Shipping Rates

For artists who would like to have us ship the giclees that we print to you or your customers please use the following chart to calculate shipping costs.

Prints up to 11 x 14 – $9.95
Prints up to 20 x 24 – $14.95
Prints 25” to 30” on any one side – $19.95
Prints over 30” but less than 40” on any side – $24.95

For prints more than 40” on any side please contact us to calculate exact shipping rates.

Please note that we are not responsible for lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged artwork that is shipped to us for reproduction purposes. Any artists shipping artwork to us for reproduction purposes must fully weigh the risk of their artwork being lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged during shipping and Cape Ann Giclee accepts no responsibility for artwork that is out of our care custody or control. We advise all artists who are shipping original artwork to us to fully insure their artwork as we provide no insurance coverage for artwork outside of our care, custody or control. Artwork that is in our care custody or control (as in at our studio, being transported by us for image capture, at the image capture studio) is insured.