Incredible New Work by DiNo



I always look forward to my printing jam sessions with Jon Dinapoli a.k.a DiNo. The level of intricacy and symbolism in his work never ceases to blow my mind. Last Thursday was no exception. In fact, I have never seen a piece of such magnitude before. tHE ARTk illustrates 1200 species place on a map of the earth. Each species is placed on or near their natural habitat. The 32″ x 18″ pen and ink color drawing took DiNo seven months to create and he worked 18 hours a day for the last week. He documented each species in his research notebook by name, scientific name and photo reference. I hope to get a chance to see the notebook sometime. His work is best seen up close, which is a problem with posting it on the web. I found a magnifier for our site so at least the details can be viewed. Here’s what Jon has to say about the piece:

[quote]”In my quest for the ultimate educational artwork in honor of earth I decided to create the ARTk.  In hopes of spreading the beauty of all life on this planet, to animal lovers and rescuers of all ages worldwide, I began extensive research. Over the course of an eight month period I mapped out the world and filled it with twelve hundred interconnected life forms. At an average of twelve hours a day, I immersed myself in the plight of the animals to the point that I became an immediate vegetarian. From primordial sea life to the mountain gorilla, each innocent life is in need of rescue.  I want my art to be their voice. It is with the purest intentions that I offer this art to the world. Spreading animal awareness is essential in this current time period. Any help in sharing and offering this art to the world (schools,fundraising,sanctuaries,communities etc.) would be infinitely appreciated by me and the animals. Feel free to contact me if interested and thank you for your time.” ~DiNo[/quote]


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