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At Cape Ann Giclee we are always striving to offer our clients the highest quality printing and art reproduction available, we also like to find ways to help artists market and sell their work, and to make ordering from us even easier. So we are very happy to announce we are making some BIG changes here at Cape Ann Giclee.
We have added online ordering to our website – print customers are now able to choose sizes – any sizes even custom sizes, materials, CROP PHOTOS, evaluate image files for adequate resolution at different sizes, preview what they look like in various settings and place and pay for their order all ONLINE!

Simply go to our upload page http://www.capeanngicleeshop.com/upload-page and get started – to watch a video on how to use our online ordering click here http://www.capeanngicleeshop.com/how-to-order-custom-prints

How to order screen shot

All the different papers and canvas and other media we print on plus finishing and mounting solutions are available to choose from (mounting and framing options are still being added) – standard sizes and custom sizes with automatic pricing is available, want to change your color photo to a black and white or sepia tone? Yup you can do that AND see what it’s going to look like before you order it!


Do you have a room color you aren’t sure how a print or photo will look in it? Our new online ordering system allows you to choose different room settings to preview your print in and you can even change the color of the walls to get a more accurate feel.


Simply go to our upload page and start ordering today!

And because of our new online ordering and gallery feature we will now be able to offer artists who print with us their own satellite website for less than what it costs for most hosting and shopping cart solutions – with their very own url that they own, this satellite website comes with all the features of a full out ecommerce art selling website. Why is it called a satellite site? Any print order fulfillment will be done thru us, Cape Ann Giclee, so if a photographer gets a print order on their satellite site we get a notification of the order and print and ship it. There is NO, ZERO, ZIP, NADA commission to us for orders artists and photographers receive on their satellite site, we get our printing cost and that’s it and when an artist or photographer uploads a new image file to their ecommerce site they can choose sizes, material, finishes etc that they want to sell and our printing costs are automatically calculated for them – they don’t have to call us up and ask how much we charge to print and ship a 20 x 30 canvas – they don’t even have to add it in, it gets done automatically, they just add their pricing and have their final price automatically calculated. Not only all that but say you are a fine artist who has originals to sell or you are a photographer who prints their own smaller sized prints or you have left over prints you need to sell – yup all that is possible with a satellite site, you can sell your original art without a commission. The artist and photographers are in control of their own site, they can sell whatever they want on their site. Sell your originals, greeting cards, leftover prints etc – the only time we get paid is for fulfilling a print order and there is no commission. So an artist or photographer can be away in the mountains of Borneo, get a print order and not have to lift a finger. We do all the order fulfillment of the prints.


Since we will have a gallery on our site as well – if an artist chooses they can have any images they upload to their site automatically be loaded onto our Cape Ann Giclee online gallery as well giving them more opportunity to sell their work. For prints that we sell from our Cape Ann Giclee site we do take a 20% commission. Artists and photographers will be able to use their satellite sites as a portfolio to show potential customers, interior designers, galleries etc their work and give them on the spot pricing! Image an interior designer wants to use your photographs in a new office building or hotel – you can bring your laptop or iPad to the meeting and not only show them your work but be able to give them pricing right then and there without any guessing and without any – “Oh I’ll get back to you” – just seal the deal and we’ll take care of the rest.

For artists and photographers who do not want their own satellite site but still want to sell their work online we also have a solution for them. We can add them to our online gallery on our website – they set their prices and decide how they want to sell their work, we take orders and fulfill them for a 20% commission plus printing costs. Our new system is an easy upload system so adding new images is easy, the artists will decide on the materials, pricing and sizing they want to offer on our site! This has been something we have wanted to do for a long time and had trouble finding an easy solution for and now we have it!

Also we are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with a fine art printer who prints on metal – if you have seen photo prints on metal you will know just how stunning they look here’s a photo but really you should see them in person;


Our prices and sizes for metal prints are:
8 x 10 – $39.99
10 x 10 – $46.99
11 x 14 – $56.99
12 x 12 – $52.99
12 x 18 – $69.99
10 x 20 – $74.99
16 x 20 – $99.99
16 x 24 – $135.99
20 x 20 – $135.99
20 x 24 – $154.99
20 x 30 – $164.99
24 x 30 – $189.99
24 x 36 – $214.99
30 x 40 – $289.99
These stunning prints arrive ready to hang on the wall no framing necessary, the price you see is the finished final price and if you choose to pick the prints up in our studio the shipping is FREE – as always we can also ship directly to you or drop ship directly to your customers.

One more thing – we are now offering sleek new modern mounting methods. We offer laminated photos with dibond or plexi glass backers and standoff mounts with or without plexiglass fronts – these are ideal for upscale and commercial settings – here’s one with a plexi back and front with standoff mounts:


We are excited about all these changes that will make ordering from us easier and faster and offer our artist’s and photographers new ways to help them market, present and sell their work.

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