Who uses Cape Ann Giclee? and cool ideas you may not have thought of but we did!

Who uses the services of Cape Ann Giclee fine art printing company?

Our customers are:

Fine Artists who want the highest quality reproductions of their work. We follow the highest industry standards when it comes to art reproduction and fine art printing. All our materials are premium quality materials and our color matching can’t be beat. We offer fine artists a product line that is affordable and extensive – we archive all the work we print so when you need a reprint it’s an easy process. Like the reproduction shown below by local artist Alice Gardner

Photographers, both hobbyist and professional, who want the highest quality prints of their images and who may also want the Photoshop services we offer – like that photo you took but there’s a telephone wire in the way – we can get rid of it. We will also make sure your prints are the best they can be – we’re not just a “hit print” shop, we know what to do to your image file to insure you get the best print possible. When you send your images to a photolab they pretty much hit “print” and if it doesn’t look good well they’ll say it’s your fault but that’s not how we work – you can sit down with James at the computer and tell him what you want to achieve with your images and he can help you make it happen. Photo credit below – Joey Ciaramitaro http://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/

Regular folks who have family or vacation photos that they want to display in their home or to give as a gift but Walgreens and CVS photo processing just isn’t doing their special memories justice or you’ve been curious about a photo printed on canvas but don’t want to order one online – come on into our shop and take a look at samples and get one on one personal attention.

Interior designers who want to have prints made or are looking for prints to buy – we have hundreds of images to choose from of artwork and photos in many styles and sizes or bring us an image you want printed and know you will get the best quality and result from us and make your client happy. Interior designers who have unique design needs find that we offer a lot of creative imaging solutions, recently we worked on a large project with a designer who used the canvas we printed images on to paint over the images and then hung the canvas like wall paper creating a one of a kind installation for her customer, another designer needed a photo of a specific area of Cape Ann for a client and we were able to find one in our archives for her. We are experts in fine art printing and have many options for helping you achieve a spectacular result for your client.

Art lovers looking to buy high quality giclees and prints by local artists, original artwork can be a little pricey for a lot of people so buying a giclee of your favorite artists work can be a more affordable way to display and enjoy artwork or give as a gift – the reproductions we have in our studio get rubbed often because people can’t believe they aren’t actual paintings. Artist below – local artist Eileen Oliver

We also have come up with some cool ideas – There are now many free sites where you can download images for us to print – printing costs are listed in our “prices” page and we do not up charge for any of these images and do not make a profit from the image so our prices for printing these images are just printing costs, examples and links are:

Please note that we follow all copyright laws very strictly – the following sites have made high resolution images available for personal use – we adhere to their guidelines by not up charging on the images and only charging our regular printing prices.

For space enthusiasts NASA provides free high resolution image downloads of Hubble telescope images like the one below – simply download an image or tell us which one you like and we’ll print it out for you for on paper or canvas – http://hubblesite.org/gallery/printshop/

Are you a vintage buff? This site has lots of vintage prints that are free to download – http://vintageprintable.com/wordpress/

Like classic Masterpieces? Go to the Rijks Museum of the Netherlands and download a Monet, van Gogh or Vermeer – https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/search
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

or explore the many options suggested by this website – http://content.photojojo.com/guides/copyright-free-public-domain-photos/

For all our customers we offer prices that are very competitive, great service and we love to answer questions and help people with their creative projects. With our large format printer, wide selection of papers, canvas and other media and our expert color and Photoshop skills we produce the highest quality images and can make pretty much anything you think of a reality.

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